Think police officers don’t care about helping people? Think again!

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I recently wrote several paragraphs on the webpage ( for a fundraiser to try and make my 87 year old grandfather’s dream come true.

My grandfather was a retired Air Force Serviceman and then wanted to continue helping others so started his career a police officer (and one of the 1st Detectives) for Palm Bay Police Department, then went on to work for Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, where he retired as an Agent.

When writing the initial plea for our cause,  it was easy to come up with several examples of what makes him such a great guy and why he is so deserving of his dream of making it to Fenway Park to watch his beloved Red Sox play baseball.

As part of this project, I wanted to get some photos of my grandfather when he was a law enforcement officer so picked up a photo album that my mom had stored to eventually make a scrapbook.    What was in this photo album was much more than old photos, and I was surprised at what I learned after reading stories about my grandfather in a series of commendations, letters from citizens and newspaper articles.

I had always known what a giving person my grandfather was and that he had a work ethic like no one I had ever met.   I had heard from others what a “great cop” he was, and I had no doubt it was true and that is backed up in these documents as well. What I realized for the first time is how very modest he is.   He has never been one to brag about anything, and even though he had letter after letter singing his praises, he never talked about that.    I knew he was a proud Air Force veteran and retired agent with the Sheriff’s Department.

His email address contained his ID (like most law enforcement officers I know) because it was still a part of him even though he went permanently off duty decades ago.   This book with these impressive documents weren’t on display in the house, but tucked away as a keepsake because it was important to him, yet not something he felt the need to bring up to others.

Here is just one example of my grandfather’s generous nature, and one of many examples of why a man that never asks for anything from anyone deserves to fulfill his dream of sitting in the bleachers to watch a game at Fenway Park, where he has not been in over 50 years.

The reason he hasn’t been able to make what to him would be a trip of a lifetime is because he has  been busy helping others, busy helping with my grandma when she was so sick and because of the expense.

To read more about his story, please go to and PLEASE take the time to share the story with others!

The letter below is just the tip of the ice burg as far as examples of my grandfather’s hard work.  You can read more examples in one of the albums on this link (police commendations, newspaper articles)



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