Dreams can come true!

Gpas Red Sox Watch

The past 24-48 hours has been a bit surreal. Our entire family is so thankful for everyone’s generosity, and my grandfather is very excited that he will be headed to Fenway to watch the Red Sox beat the Yankees!

It has been a long day, so I will have to write a more appropriate post soon thanking the many, many people that have made this possible. I started adding up the donations that met the different “level” requirements we created, and it looks like the family will be very busy making a lot of pet food donations, providing meals to the homeless, and volunteering at local charities, but we are excited to do what we can to give back!

When we created this campaign, we were required to put in a “Goal” amount. We searched the internet to look for ticket prices, travel, lodging, etc. and it was very difficult to determine how much everything would cost, especially considering it tends to get more expensive as you get closer to the date of the game. We estimated that we could probably make it work at $5000.00 and would just decide who would get to make the trip depending on the amount of donations at the time we were ready to finalize the plans.

If any donation money remains after paying for everything necessary for this trip, we will be donating it to the Jimmy Fund, an organization that raises funds for adult and pediatric cancer care as well as research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world.

I also want to add that a few donations included messages apologizing for the amounts given and saying they wish they could have donated more. Although we really appreciate the generous nature of the message, we are grateful for every single donation and believe that no amount is too small. We are also thankful to everyone that shared the story. Without all of you, this would not be possible, and I hope that no matter what part you played, you realize that you helped make the dream of an amazing man come true, and helped create what will be an unforgettable memory for a family that has had some extremely difficult years.



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