Eat More Vegetables for Better Health? Blah!

Unfortunately, I have never been one that loves to eat vegetables.   I have tried many times to include more veggies and salads into my diet, and I just never stick with it (notice I didn’t say I “can” never stick with it, because I take responsibility and know I’m capable if I try harder).  It’s also a huge problem that my “go to” drug when stressed has never been alcohol or illegal substances, but unhealthy food.

Although my brain knows that my health can be improved by making healthier food choices, old habits have always kicked back in.  Considering the serious health issues I have had these past few years, I realize this simply defies all logic.

I’ve been stuck in an all time low as far as my health for some time now.   The career goals that I worked so hard for have had to be put on hold, and I feel like I’m a failure at almost everything I do because I have so many different symptoms that impact daily life.  I cannot stand feeling this way, it’s like I’m being held hostage in my own dysfunctional body and the past two years I might as well have been in a coma because life has simply been passing me by. My weight is at an all time high, and my activity is at an all time low. The bottom line is that I’m miserable and only making my health issues worse.

We recently made a HUGE life change and moved over 1000 miles away to the Boston area in search of better health care.  This isn’t a move we could financially afford, but considering the health issues and lack of competent physicians in the area where we lived, we also couldn’t afford not to.  Life is just too short and what I have been doing these past two years has been anything but LIVING.

Along with this pursuit of better specialists to help with my Multiple Sclerosis, I know it’s way past time to do what I can to take control of my health and that means doing whatever it takes to eat healthier.   I think the most difficult part will be trying to lose my all or nothing attitude, but I know deep down it can be done, even if it isn’t always easy.

Since I’m not a huge fan of eating vegetables and feel lost when it comes to making healthy food plans (the brain fog I’ve been experiencing hasn’t been helping), my husband and I decided to try juicing for several days to see if we start noticing any improvements.   Hopefully within this time I will be able to start thinking a bit more clear so that I can set short and long term goals, as well as a plan to reach those goals.

I am very lucky that I have a great friend that is also a health coach and certified detoxification specialist. Besides being extremely intelligent, she is also the most patient person I know which is exactly what I need to help turn my health around.

Today is only day 1 of juicing, and instead of wasting energy allowing myself to feel afraid of failure, I will keep a positive focus on planning a future with better health.


One thought on “Eat More Vegetables for Better Health? Blah!

  1. I think you have so wonderfully put into words the feelings that so many of us have. I too know that I would probably feel better if I ate better and moved more – it just seems to be so hard to do… Hang in there, and keep us posted!

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